Cornish Preludes Book II CD

Preludes II CD coverReleased: November 14, 2012
Artist: Simon Latarche
Published by: Pentreath Music
Producer: Simon Latarche
Number of discs: 1
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Simon Latarche Jazz Ensemble

Click to listen to ‘Tall ships in Falmouth

Following the success of the Cornish Preludes CD it was a natural progression to continue this tradition and write a second set of twelve. This collection includes more arrangements for the seven piece band and reflects this jazz ensemble’s development since the release of the first disc two years ago.
As with the first set, these twelve Preludes, similar to those written by Debussy in the early part of the twentieth century, are not linked by key, however, they do contain many of the musical features associated with this style of composition.
Throughout these pieces a musical ear may spot ostinati, pedal notes, modes, whole tone and pentatonic scales, augmented and diminished chords, all performed with a fair sprinkling of improvisation.
Simon Latarche: Piano
Steve Turner: Bass & Guitar

Terry Rodd: Drums
Tristan Latarche: Additional Drums & Percussion
Paul Haywood: Saxophones
Sarah McDonagh: Flute and Saxaphones
Robin Pengilley: Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Gareth Churcher: Trombone
Track listings:

1. Tall Ships in Falmouth
2. Love in the afternoon
3. Maisie hates squirrels
4. Sunday in the gallery
5. The inimitable Mr Cook
6. Lemon Quay Saturday
7. Seasons over the years
8. Homage to José Penberthy
9. The siege at Pendennis
10. The lady of Dozmary Pool
11. Summer evening moon
12. The Nebra Sky disc

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