Cornish Preludes CD

Cornish PreludesReleased: June 4, 2010
Artist: Simon Latarche Jazz Ensemble
Published by: Pentreath Music
Producer: Simon Latarche
Number of discs: 1
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Simon Latarche Jazz Ensemble

As played on UK Jazz Radio & BBC Radio Cornwall

Click to listen to ‘The boys of Trebah

A prelude was originally a piece from as early as the 1400’s, often improvisatory, where Lutenists and early Keyboard players would check their tuning before performance. Following many years of teaching the history of preludes, I thought I would produce my own set of twelve. It was J.S Bach who is most famous for this tradition writing two books in all keys, twelve major and twelve minor. (Hence the famous 48!). Other sets by the likes of Chopin and Debussy followed in groups of twelve or twenty four.
The Cornish Preludes, rather like those written by Debussy in 1910, are not linked by key.
However, they do contain many of the musical features associated with this style of composition. 
Throughout these pieces a musical ear may spot ostinati, pedal notes, modes, whole tone scales, augmented and diminished chords, performed with a fair sprinkling of improvisation.
These twelve pieces are personal reflections of events and places that have influenced me during my past twenty five years in Cornwall.
I have been very fortunate to collaborate with some excellent musicians here and thank them all for their enthusiasm and input into what has become a highly personal project for me.
Thanks are also due to John and Viv at Speed of sound studios in Falmouth and Martin Bell for overseeing the production and presentation of this package.
I hope you enjoy it.
Cornish Preludes is a terrific collection from the Simon Latarche Jazz Ensemble. Latarche’s compositions are a near perfect combination of lyricism and improvisation and the ensemble provides finely knit support to Latarche’s considerable talents as a pianist.”  : Karl Ackermann,
This album was recorded in 2010

Click to listen to Bonemimori
Bonemimori sheet music download

Due to a number of requests I have posted a free download of my piano solo ‘Bonemimori’ from the Cornish Preludes album. Whilst it is ‘free’ it took quite a time to prepare and should you so wish, you can donate however little or much you feel it is worth! Half of any proceeds will then be passed on to the Musician’s Benevolent Fund.
I think it is about grade 4/5 standard and is pretty much what I played on the CD. I would be delighted to have any feed back with regards to its playability as a piece of solo piano music!
Simon Latarche: Piano
Steve Turner: Bass & Guitar

Terry Rodd: Drums
Paul Haywood: Tenor Saxophone and Alto Sax
Sarah McDonagh: Flute
Robin Pengilley: Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Gareth Churcher: Trombone
Track listings:

1. The Endless Journey
2. Song for Abi
3. One for the Bishop’s
4. Tregousae
5. Up on the hilltop
6. Eclipse
7. Tresillian Bridge 1646
8. The boys of Trebah
9. The Spanish are coming
10. A splash of cobalt blue
11. Cousin Jack’s bash
12. Bonemimori

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